We have developed a complete Data Conversion method which can handle large and complex data conversions. Results are readily available during the mapping process, delivering immense advantages to improve speed and quality of your conversion projects.

Data Profiling

We take care of all your data quality issues. By using advanced data profiling methods we can signal patterns, outliers, deviations and errors in your data to determine follow up actions.

Improving Data Quality & Integrity

We help organizations to improve data quality by supporting automated processes to indicate potential data quality and integrity issues. If possible, we develop and implement automated correction mechanisms.


Exchanging data becomes increasingly more important to organisations. We build visible Data Exchange Gateways in interaction with your Business and IT.

Customer reactions

“Metaverses’ approach is completely different. Incredible that the Metaverses method did bring such power to our conversion.”

“Although being sceptical at first, Metaverses blew us away with the results of their Proof of Concept.”

“We were surprised by Metaverses' flexibility and constructivism, despite our conversion being a fixed-price project.”

“Metaverses delivered in four weeks for which we normally needed six months!”

Our Mission is to master Data Conversion, Data Exchange and Data Quality Improvement.


We work with accredited datacenters, hosting their data in Europe.


Quick insights in data conversion and data exchange results without programming.


Less effort for your internal Business and IT departments.


Reduced risks and improved time to market.


Our methods meet all requirements imposed by EU and local regulators.