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Metaverses offers an integral solution for all your data migrations. With the application of our innovative methods and comprehensive concept we can ease all your data migration concerns. We work with a unique iterative approach, proven technologies and experienced specialists and are therefore able to perform even the most complex data migrations. Simultaneously, during the migration we resolve all your data quality issues. Our transparent approach implies a perfectly traceable and manageable data migration. What is more, we guarantee absolute safety and protection of your most valuable and sensitive data.

As part of data migration project, but also as separate services, Metaverses can perform extensive data profiling using innovative tooling, providing business insight using BI tooling and data anonymisation for integration testing and data repurposing.

Metaverses has proven to perform data migrations over 60% faster, with at least 50% less Business and IT capacity compared to traditional data migrations, without compromising on quality.


For our data migration projects this means:


reduction in time to market


saving of business resources


saving of IT resources


saving in costs

Customer Feedback

“Metaverses’ approach is completely different. Incredible that the Metaverses method did bring such power to our conversion.”

“Although being sceptical at first, Metaverses blew us away with the results of their Proof of Concept.”

“We were surprised by Metaverses’ flexibility and constructivism, despite our conversion being a fixed-price project.”

“Metaverses delivered in four weeks for which we normally needed six months!”

Our Promises

Metaverses speeds up
your data migration by the application of innovative methods over 60% faster that traditional methods.

Metaverses eases
all your data migration concerns with our comprehensive approach.

Metaverses saves
on costs, resources and time-to-market by means of innovative methods and fixed-price offers, without commotion on unexpected additional work.

Our Promises
Metaverses protects
all your data with the implication of advanced protection mechanisms which comply to all your security requirements.

Metaverses provides insights
in progress, status and focus areas of your data migration in visual progress reports.

Metaverses improves
the quality of all your data by thorough data analysis, data profiling and data cleansing.

Get acquainted with Metaverses

Wondering how Metaverses can ease your data migration? We are happy to share our insights and experiences with you. Furthermore, we gladly discuss how we can help you to turn your data migration into a success. Please contact us  for an appointment to see what we can do for you.