Based on the research done by Ingenin, some remarkable insights regarding innovation in the insurance business:

  • 65% of respondents believe that new technology  will disrupt the insurance industry over the next 5 years
  • 92% feel that innovation is a requirement for building better customer relationships
  • Lack of experience and skillset was cited by 77% of people as a barrier to being able to innovate

Inovation is a must for insurance companies, but one of the main obstacles for them is migrating data (e.g. policies) into new technological platforms. Mostly they are very complex and long running projects with a lot of risks involved. We thought about this issue and came up with a simple, fast, low cost solution. Innovation happens if you bring insights from other businesses so our solution is based on approaches and technology being used in the publishing industry. Using this we figured out a whole new way of executing policy migrations. After some PoC’s and actual conversions we are very confident that this solution will also work for you. We are happy to reach out to you if you have any questions!