For many data conversions the source data quality is often not up to standard. Data in legacy systems is usually inconsistent, incomplete or even faulty. Moreover, complex translations in the various applications make it hard to trace back root causes of errors and increases the amount of patches and workarounds to cover up prior mistakes. Our data profiling solution allows us to visually spot patterns, outliers and deviations in the source data.

Metaverses has already proven to tackle data quality issues well, but with our complementary tooling it is possible to signal potential errors significantly earlier in the conversion process, enhancing the efficiency and quality of our methods even further. The most important advantage is the, often new, insights gained during the profiling phase. With this information data recovery actions are signaled by the business, possibilities for automatic data cleansing are identified and the quality of the test samples used in the mapping process can be improved. All leading to a more even distribution of the workload during the conversion and reduce the amount of unwanted surprises in terms of data quality. More importantly, the data profiling will lead to even faster and more efficient data migrations of a higher quality standard!

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