Business analytics tools are becoming increasingly more prominent in nowadays organisations. Questions such ashow are the sales performing for product a in region b?”, “what should be our target audience for our upcoming marketing campaign?”, and “how is the performance of employee y compared to employee z?” can be answered quickly and well supported by cleverly combining the available data in an organisation. Moreover, by linking available data in the organisation only one objective version of the truth is presented, which is no longer open for interpretation. Business Intelligence (BI) provides a better overview of the position of an organisation and makes informed decision making possible. Subsequently, these insights are quickly transformed into visual reports, which clearly represent the actual condition of the organisation to stakeholders. However, if all these insights in the organisation are readily available, why do data migrations tend to be extremely intransparent?

The intransparency of traditional data migrations are a major risk for many organisations. Progress is poorly reported and outputs are often not tested until the final stages of the project. Surprises in terms of migration- and data quality are frequently discovered (too) late, when modifications to the data migration mapping are extremely complex to implement. All these factors lead to data migration projects exceeding budgets and delayed deliveries.

The Metaverses approach requires all stakeholders to be well informed on the current situation of the data migration process. Therefore, Metaverses provides insight and transparency in your data migration by using the best visual data analytics tools available. We present the status, progress, and issues of a data migration project in one comprehensive report. In our integral reports with unambiguous visualizations, we show our progress of the data migration (field mapping), results of our thorough data analysis (data profiling), and the aggregated output of trial data migrations.

Our standardized reports, with one uniform representation of the actual situation of the data migration project, make sure all stakeholders are well informed. (Project) management is able to adequately govern overall project performance based on the aggregate results, without delving  into specifics. Business specialists, in turn, can dig deeper into the details and see where they should focus their attention to, for example in terms of data cleansing activities or redefining specifications.

Metaverses provides a standardized solution for the project reports, which are easily adapted for, and enriched with, your requirements and specifications. These complementary reports and visualizations make sure we can ease your data migration concerns and let you focus on your core activities. Do you want to know how we can overcome your data migration and data quality problems? Contact Metaverses.