Metaverses proves its method yet again by developing another non-life policy conversion within a lead time of merely six weeks. During this six weeks, four content sessions are held in which the business has done most of the acceptance of the conversion results. The conversion itself has a wide scope of over 7000 insurance policies spread out over 14 different insurance products. Furthermore, policies of clients with multiple policies are bundled. Besides the policy results, Metaverses has firstly supplied the input for the creation of new clients in the target system. Moreover, we also supplied the files for the required insurance certificates and overviews for control purposes.

Currently the client organization is testing the delivered results in target systems, but very little changes in the data mapping are expected to arise.Within the coming month the conversion to production will be performed and the policies are expected to be life in the target system by the first of June.

Key to the success of this conversion were the direct lines of communication between Metaverses and its client and between the client’s business department and other stakeholders: required input is provided instantly, speeding up the process tremendously. Additionally, Metaverses had already performed a conversion to the clients target system using the same processes, making it possible to re-use some of the transformations and functions in its library.

This projects proves that repeated conversions to the same target system decreases the required time to market of the Metaverses approach to data migrations. Do you want to know how we can speed up your data migrations? Contact Metaverses!