Metaverses has proven to perform data migrations over 60% faster, with at least 50% less Business and IT capacity compared to traditional data migrations, without compromising on quality. What most don’t know is that Metaverses can with ease reduce the identifiability of individuals from the original dataset to a level acceptable by your organisation’s risk portfolio. Metaverses offers two individual services to help you with your data anonymisation. We advise which methods suit your dataset and how your data could be anonymised and we make / help you to make the anonymisation of your data a reality.

Metaverses can solve your data anonymisation needs no matter your situation. Whether you want to share your data publicly, you want to process your previously collected data and want to avoid breaking the GDPR or you want to use your data for any other purposes than the ones it was originally collected for. Metaverses can with the use of various anonymisation techniques tailor its services to your situation. Below you can see some examples of the methods Metaverses can use to make your data anonymous and up to the GDPR’s standards:

  • Character masking
    Hiding either a fixed or variable amount of characters of a string, masking enough the provide the extent of anonymity required.
  • Pseudonymisation
    Replacing the identifying data with made up values, when used consistently allows linkage between datasets, while remaining anonymised.
  • Swapping
    Rearranging the data in a dataset till when it doesn’t correspond to the original records. Used when there is no need for analysis of relationship between attributes and anonymisation is needed.
  • Data perturbation
    Slightly modifying the values within the original dataset, making that on its own its anonymised but when combined with other data sources the values can still be identifying.

Are you interested in the possibilities of anonymisation by Metaverses? Please contact us for more information and a demo.