Robin about his start at Metaverses:

“After studying international business management at Tio Amsterdam I entered Metaverses fresh out of university; thereby giving my career an amazing jumpstart. I am looking forward to grow with Metaverses, enhance my skills and learn new skills. I am thrilled to join and work with the Metaverses team and I will make sure I put my best foot forward to continue to deliver great results and high quality data profiling, data mapping and data migration.

In the first month I already went through a great part of the learning process, I have still a lot to learn and I am grateful that Metaverses is giving me the opportunity to do that under their care and using first hand experiences. I am excited to see what great things me and the rest of the Metaverses team will be able to achieve.”

We are pleased that Robin has joined our team and we are looking forward to a productive co-operation!