Erwin Wennekes has been on board with Metaverses for a while now, it’s time for a short interview and to get to know him better.

Erwin, can you tell us something about your background and career?

Erwin: Absolutely! During my study in Technical Computer Science, I was asked to work for an Office Automation company. Through various roles such as Helpdesk Employee, Application Administrator, Server Administrator and Migration Project Worker, I have developed into an expert in the field of document and file-share migration. After 15 years, I made the transition to the world of data migration and data conversion.

Where do you live and with whom?

Erwin: I was born and raised in Delft and now live there with my wife and daughter in a little paradise.

What are your unique skills and experiences?

Erwin: During various migration projects, I gained a lot of experience in collecting, processing and reporting large amounts of data. I have a strong affinity with structured data and have significantly expanded my database skills. With my programming knowledge in various languages, I have developed several custom tools for migrating documents.

What is your role and expertise at Metaverses?

Erwin: I recently started as a Consultant for a pension fund that is about to implement a new system. I will use my knowledge and skills to ensure the success and quality of this project. Accurately linking the source and target is a challenging puzzle, but by asking the right questions (queries), we achieve the desired result.

How do you experience the company culture and values at Metaverses?

Erwin: I immediately feel at home at Metaverses, thanks to the friendly company culture, norms and values. I am given plenty of space to get to know the environment and am ‘onboarded’ by experienced colleagues.

What opportunities do you see for your professional development and teamwork at Metaverses?

Erwin: Data migration and conversion are custom work and no project is the same. I hope to make a valuable contribution by creating guidelines that make the global approach unambiguous. Metaverses offers great opportunities for my professional development and provides me with real teamwork.

What makes working at Metaverses attractive to you?

Erwin: It is attractive to work at Metaverses because I can rely on a team of specialists with years of experience who are eager to share their knowledge and skills with me.