*Question: Anouk, can you tell us something about your academic background and carreer?

At the moment I am finishing up my English Language and Culture Bachelors degree. Earlier this year I successfully completed my Physics and Astronomy Bachelors degree. In September I will start the History and Philosophy of Science Masters degree.

*Question: What are your unique skills and experiences?

I really enjoy taking on and solve new tasks and challenge, particularly those tasks which require immediate action to achieve results. Additionally, I find satisfaction in working together with a diverse group of people. I have already acquired (practical) experience regarding this, since I have been volunteering at my local scouting group for quite some time, and recently in running my own company: Ridder en de Prins Entertainment.

*Question: What is your role and expertise at Metaverses?

Primarily, I focus on developing and improving Metaverses’ internal processes. I look into various features, like the set-up and content of the ISMS or the use and functioning of software, that contribute to these internal processes.

*Question: How do you experience the corporate culture and values at Metaverses?

Metaverses is a company where clear communication is key, which I can really appreciate.

*Question: Which chances do you see for your professional development and teamwork at Metaverses?

At Metaverses, I can really get a taste of how the internal mechanics of a business unite and develop my understanding of this. In the future I hope to be able to contribute to the numerous projects.

*Question: What makes working at Metaverse interesting for you?

Working at Metaverses is interesting for me since it is a relatively small company which can offer me loads of learning and growing possibilities.