About Metaverses

Many, if not all, organisations have to innovate and reduce costs in order to maintain competitive. However, these objectives are obstructed by using outdated legacy systems which do not meet nowadays’ standards. Legacy systems have become too complex and too numerous after mergers and acquisitions, knowledge of legacy systems is often scarce or no longer available, and adjustments to the software are very costly and involve high risks. Moreover, external stakeholders, such as legislators and supervising authorities, force companies to provide periodic information. These reports are commonly impossible to provide (uniformly) from the various outdated systems. All these factors make it impossible to maintain the legacy systems, as operations become unnecessary expensive and processes are inefficient. Data migration to a new system is the only logical solution to maintain competitive.

Traditional data migrations

Traditional data migration projects cost a lot of time and resources, involve high risks, are remarkably intransparent and are profoundly unscalable. Additionally, surprises in terms of data quality are too often only discovered in the final stages of the data migration project. Moreover, many of these projects do not deliver the requested outcome and quality. These methods are, however, still used by many companies today.


The Metaverses way of data migration

Metaverses originates from the idea that data migrations should be performed faster, better, more efficient, and more transparent. We introduce a new and innovative method to execute both one-off and repeating data migrations. By implementing the Metaverses methods long lead times, high costs, and high risks in data migrations are characteristics of the past. Instead, we offer a risk free, transparent, comprehensive data migration in a fixed-fee project. We deal with data quality issues from the start, make optimal use of available scarce resources, and apply a flexible and autonomous approach. Combining this with state-of-the-art tools, iterative methods, profound knowledge, and extensive experience; we are able to completely take away your data migration concerns.

Metaverses (IT) vision

Using IT and the right tooling really makes a difference in the needed effort and quality, but Metaverses is not a software developing company. With the current speed of IT development, we believe that other companies are far better in developing tools using the latest techniques and we do not want to create our own legacy. Metaverses can make a difference by using of the shelf tooling in combination with our distinctive approach. Of course we have invested much time to become an expert in this tooling and have built a library of reusable transformation, but if new tools/techniques are available in the market which have a better fit, we will adapt or change to these tools.


For more information on our methods, please visit the our approach page.

Metaverses has performed migrations in various industries. A selection of our projects are listed under our references.