Our Data Migration Approach

Our data migration approach is characterized by:

Fixed-price offering based on proven approach

During a short “intake” period of about two weeks we perform the first data analysis to determine the data quality of the source data. Simultaneously, we create the target data structure, the basis for the actual data migration, for the import into the new system. After this period we are able to offer a detailed project plan, including planning, required capacity and resources, and estimation of costs. Next, we offer our solution as a fixed-price project.

Quick insight in data quality

By implementing advanced data profiling methods we quickly gain a clear picture of the data quality in your source systems. Our tools visually show patterns, outliers, deviations and errors in your data which make it easier to signal where your data is not up to standard and corrections need to be made. The most important advantage is that the insights gained with this information can be used to signal data recovery actions by the business, identify possibilities for automatic data cleansing and improve the quality of the test data samples used in the mapping process. If possible we support automated data cleansing which can easily be tested against your quality standards. Furthermore, we can import external data sources in combination with the source data to improve the quality of the data. By have a clear picture of your data after the data profiling you can easily schedule data cleansing activities throughout the data migration project. 

Direct results checking
Where most companies invest tremendous amounts of time and resources into understanding data sources, we always begin with the end in mind. In our approach we focus on the target data structure and systems where the data needs to be imported. Our iterative approach allows us to structurally work towards this goal. Our approach is supported by implementing a visual data mapping tool, which directly produces the output of the date mapping. Results are readily available and can easily be modified to your specifications or requirements. Our methods make it furthermore possible to add new, cleansed or enriched tables directly into the data mapping, without correcting this data in the source system.
Efficient use of your scarce resources

During a data migration your organisation can focus on its core activities. Your data is in good hands with us, thanks to our extraordinary data protection protocols. Moreover, we only need limited business and IT resources for the data migration during workshops; we prepare and perform the data migration autonomously. Our approach allows to reuse much of the functionality of previous data mappings, leading to tremendous efficiency advantages. In addition, our methods require significantly less trial data migrations. Results are readily available and continuously tested and approved by your specialists. This approach lead to significantly less unpleasant surprises during the actual data migration and ensures a high quality standard of your data migration.

Transparent & compliant

We provide comprehensive reports with accurate information on the progress of your data migration project. Of course, all our standard documentation can be enriched with relevant details for your organisation, and modified to your requirements. 

Since we are working with your sensitive data, security has our upmost priority. Therefore our datacenter provider is on the DNB shortlist, Metaverses is ISO-27001 & NEN-7510 certified and all our staff went through a successful screening.  

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