Reference Projects

Underneath you find examples of executed projects of Metaverses. Please contact us if you want to learn more how we can help you.

Pension Migration

For a major Dutch insurance company, Metaverses has performed a data conversion in order to migrate one of their pension portfolios to a new administration system.

Metaverses has been selected to perform this migration, because of our approach, experience and tooling. Main arguments for selection are: the short lead time, transparency of conversion steps, limited impact on the client’s own scarce resources, good auditability and a fixed price offer.

Pension migration project details

The involved portfolio included:

  • 94,000 participants;
  • 23,000 contracts;
  • 28,000 pension schemes;
  • 69,000 memo fields;
  • 3,000 special partners.
  • Transformation in invested capital of about 90 different funds into 50 new funds.
  • Distribution over 41 primary source files, which required cleaning and enrichment.
  • Isolated invested capital for, among others, special partners.

After a short analysis of the target structure and the source data during a two week intake period, afterwards we build in three weeks the transformations. During these three weeks we have facilitated seven workshops mainly for approving and testing the conversion results and to specify the more complicated data transformations. During these workshops, conversion output was directly available and transformation could immediately be modified if necessary.

Our client states that they are very pleased with the delivered quality,  the way of working and pleasant cooperation. Also the flexible attitude of the Metaverses team regarding adjustments due to changes in the new system without discussion on the fixed price is appreciated.


Insurance policy migration


Metaverses has performed the data conversion of a large business portfolio of a major insurance company. The portfolio was distributed over 2 source systems and 11 different product groups.

We have been selected to perform this conversion because of our fixed-price and fixed-date offering and the promise the greatly reduce the time to market.

Insurance policy migration project details

The portfolio for this project included:

  • 2 source systems;
  • 1 target system;
  • 11 insurance products;
  • 85,000 policies;
  • 120,000 insurance coverages;
  • A (potentially) heavily polluted source system;
  • 2 conversion batches.

As a project had a fixed lead-time of merely 14 weeks, there was no time for slack. Within the first two weeks the first rough sketches of the conversion mapping have been set up. After these two weeks, every week a new product was mapped and tested during two worksessions. During these sessions test data and more elaborate transformations were presented and discussed. As soon as the first product was approved the others swiftly followed. All 11 products have been accepted within the agreed 14 weeks. Afterwards, Metaverses also prepared the data for the formal conversion of production data. Furthermore, files for insurance documentation, policy holders communications and financial reporting have been produced and delivered by Metaverses.

The client has expressed its appreciation for Metaverses’ hands-on approach, flexibility and constructivism during this (at sometimes turbulent) conversion project. The Metaverses team really relieved the internal team of a substantial amount of work by looking for solutions within the possibilities of the tooling. Furthermore, the client emphasized that without Metaverses’ help the project would not have been finished in time.


CRM data migration

Metaverses has performed the data conversion of 2 source systems (CRM system and a Client data product system) to the Salesforce Cloud for an international online bank.

We have been selected to perform this conversion because of our iterative way of work and ability to check results directly including solving the issues resulting in shorter lead time and high quality. Shorter lead time meant sooner achieved business revenue of: integral customer view, providing self-service functionality and new channels for customer contact.

CRM data migration project details

This project included:

  • 2 source systems;
  • 1 target system;
  • 950.000 clients in 4 countries;
  • 1,7 million cases;
  • 700.000 tasks;
  • 850.000 attachments
  • over 2 million e-mails, notes, et cetera.

The project had a lead-time of merely 3 months. In order to prevent any surprises later during the project via data profiling – using pattern recognition a.o. insight of the data quality was delivered. Metaverses was responsible for head to tail migration: raw source database, automated data cleansing, transformation and upload through the Salesforce data loader. Complicating factors were the changing Salesforce structure during migration and the lack of available knowledge and documentation of the source system.

IT Service Management migration

As part of a larger ITSM project, Metaverses has successfully performed the historic data migration of a legacy ITSM system to a new ServiceNow environment, for a major semi-public organisation. The project included the conversion of historic data of incidents, changes and problems, including attachments. Most importantly, Metaverses has been able to align its tooling with ServiceNow’s Transform Maps for easy importing of the data into the new system.

ITSM migration project details

The ITSM conversion entailed:

  • Database of the source system was used without any preceding transformations in the data;
  • Historic data of tasks, incidents, changes and problems of the previous 18 months;
  • Migration of attachment files (a.o. text and images) using Base64 encoding;
  • Alignment with ServiceNow’s import module;
  • Maintenance of relationships as established in source system;
  • Deduplication of tickets;
  • Other parties whom were unable to successfully perform the conversion.

In only five work sessions with the client’s IT and Business representatives and ServiceNow’s implementation staff the target structures were defined. These structures are different for the tasks, changes, incidents, problems and attachments in the legacy system and based on the original datasets from this system.

Because of the implementation of the Metaverses method, all data has been transformed by Metaverses: the source data was used without any preceding transformation and the ServiceNow Transform Maps could be used without any transformations in the data, substantially relieving the clients internal departments of work. As a result of our method the conversion could be completed with a single test migration.

City Archive migration

For a Dutch archive Metaverses performed a data migration of all the metadata of their archived objects. Besides performing the conversion Metaverses also enriched the data using multiple APIs and other external sources and cleansed the (heavily) polluted data of the source system. 

Archive migration details

The projected included:

  • 1 polluted source system
  • 1 target system
  • metadata belonging to approx. 36.000 books, articles and other archived objects
  • enrichment of the data through APIs for example the google books API and VIAF API
  • enrichment of the data through external sources for example the Thesaurus vocabulary

The actual data migration will be done on short term.